Amazon; Urinemakinmemories

I gave in today and bought a Go Girl. Camping at the beach was the last straw. After having to get up to walk to the beach bathroom four times last night when I finally pulled myself from my warm sleeping bag at dawn and gave up on sleep the first thing I did was open the Amazon app on my iPhone and hit BUYITNOW!!!

Thank god for Amazon Prime, although that does not help me out when I’m on the road and camping in the back of my car for two more nights. I love camping; I hate my tiny bladder.

Having to walk to a bathroom across a camp ground at two a.m. to urinate makes me as moody as these two fighting bulls. ( My $$$ is on the grey one)

I would just like to say that I am not that opposed to peeing in the forest or using public restrooms. I don’t have a problem with the pit toilets, I don’t have a problem with the Porta potty’s, I just have a problem with my bladder which doesn’t work properly and I have to pee four times during the night. When I was a kid and we were camping my dad had to buy my mom a portable toilet just to take camping with us to use outside the tent. I’m not saying I’m at that point but I’m over this trudging across a dark camp ground dodging hissing raccoons bullshit.

I’ve had a long love hate relationship with my bladder and after more than one occasion of having to pee in a Starbucks cup while stuck in traffic this was it!

Never again will I have to hold it for an hour in heavy traffic or because I can’t find a Starbucks bathroom.

I will pee when I want, where I want! Thank you Amazon for giving me the freedom to pee as I wish!