Big Bear Life Adventures with the Hungry Mountaineer

The life of a Hungry Mountaineer

Hike. Eat. Travel. Live.


Hi y’all! I’m Amber, Big Bear’s local Hungry Mountaineer hiking nature guide. I grew up here in the San Bernardino National Forest and I have basically been out exploring hiking trails and enjoying the wilderness as long as I could walk. I have had some amazing adventures out here in the gorgeous San Bernardino Mountains over the years. As a hiking guide who is passionate about the wilderness, I love to share my knowledge of our vast trail system with vacationers who also love the great outdoors.

Looking to book a hiking excursion? Email me at for the best locals-only hikes available in this mountain wilderness.

I am passionate about finding my balance in life – healthy living, great food, outdoor fitness, traveling adventures, working hard and my unbridled love for racehorses and naturally, gambling. When I’m not exploring news trails or betting on the ponies you can find me either coming up with healthy new recipes or blogging about the adventures my trail pup and I had in the wilderness this week.

I have spent most of my life exploring what these mountains have to offer and locals would call me an expert. I know the best hiking and biking trails in these mountains and I have chronicled most of my hikes and adventures in my blog on this website.

Please get in touch is you have any questions. I am happy to help in any way I can.