Adventures via Big Sur Way

This morning while zigzagging up the PCH on my way to Big Sur I passed people older than my parents who are biking up this route, every inch of it straining uphill. These people blew me away. I am in incredible shape, and I’m not even in the kind of shape I was a year ago when I used to run half marathon. I feel like I would never in my life be able to do what the senior citizens were doing this morning.

As I’m sitting here in camp enjoying a mango margarita hours later they all biked into my camp site at Morro Bay hours after this and fifty miles down the rugged central coast. I felt like they deserved a round of applause.

OK if I’m being completely honest I misplaced my margarita after the second one but anyways these senior citizens on their bikes rolled into the campsite and I felt like the biggest wuss on earth. I ran three miles today on San Simeon State Beach.

Three miles.

That’s it.

Of course my dreams of running and hiking miles and miles today was completely dissuaded by poison oak so thick every where on every single gorgeous sea side trail I found.


That is why these people who are easily 30 to 40 years older me biked up a steep canyon mountain road that I drove over in my Subaru hours ago and yet ended up in the same place I am. It’s unbelievable, I hope and pray that when I am their age I will be able to do the same types of things.