Adventures of a Ding Dong

Here we have the majestic ding dong. You may find her out on walkabout in the San Bernardino National Forest in the Cougars Crest Trail area. The wild ding dong is terrified of PCT through hikers and their ginormous backpacks and will run three miles in the opposites direction if she spots one coming up the trail.

Yes, while majestic the ding dong is a small brained beast. Sad to say that even with years of trail experience the wild ding dong is just not altogether very bright.

Suffice to say after a ten-mile round trip hike ( three miles back-tracking to try to find Carly who was lost in the forest for forty-five minutes) Carly and I were beyond exhausted by today’s shenanigans.

Oh and that is after running to the top of Bertha Peak from Holcomb Valley; yup, that is over a thousand feet of Altitude gain total.But not to exhausted to not do a tiny little two-mile mountain bike ride.

Because what with a ten-mile run and a forty-five minute Tap Out workout we had not quite burned three thousand calories yet.

Our San Bernardino Peak ascent is in four days and my knees may ache right now but hopefully this pain in the ass day will be worth it on Sunday when we stand atop San Bernardino Peak.