When you take Cat Lady on Vacation…

      Babe! There’s an animal outside the tent!” I’m huddling in my nice warm sleeping bag. It’s two a.m. And I am very confused.

      “There’s an animal outside the tent! Do you hear that noise? What is that noise? It sounds like purring!” I’m shaking him awake.
      “It’s purring! I think it’s a bob cat!”
       I’m whispering inside the tent as I can hear a large creature stirring in the bushes.
       I really have to pee, that’s the worst part.
       I really have to pee and I’m stuck hunkered down in my sleeping bag in this tent and there appears to be a very happy very large cat outside the door.
     Also my boyfriend might already be asleep again and I can still hear the purring and the rustling around outside.
      I’m very tempted to set off the alarm on the truck to scare away the creature but I feel bad waking up our camping neighbors,
      I try waking A up again.
     “Babe! I think it’s a bobcat! I can hear it purring! He must like us!”
      ” Go back to sleep cat lady, it’s two in the morning!” I continue shaking him, I’m insistent. I may have a herd of cats at home 400 miles away from our eastern Sierras getaway; I know what a purring cat sounds like!
     “What should we do about the bob cat!?” I continue to shake his shoulder as he tries to hide in the sleeping bag.
      Finally he rolls over and looks at me, bleary, sleepy eyed
     ” Amber that is not a cat purring! It’s the propane heater! Go back to sleep cat lady!”
     He may have been right.
     You just can’t take us cat ladies any where!