Journey to the lake of Ass Holes

     Yesterday I just wanted to hike some new trails.
     We ended up hiking to the lake of assholes which was way more scenic than one would think.

      It was actually a very pleasant experience as opposed to what one would think when assholes are involved.
      You would think this hike happened in the middle of Los Angeles or Southern California, land of the assholes but no. This was a hike through the eastern sierras.
      Yesterday we explored Lundy Canyon.
       In the Indian dialect of Taimal Lundy translates to asshole.
      I had no idea of this before we planned the hike. As we drove up the windy canyon road through a forest of ever changing aspens, my boyfriend explained the translation to me. The autumn colors were just so glorious the last week in September, and I did not see a ass hole in sight! 
     Lundy Lake sits just five miles off the 395 but you have to off road about three miles through a red rock canyon absolutely full of aspens to reach the trail head.

       Take my advice; don’t use the trail head pit toilet unless you enjoy a thousand flies biting your ass.
       Besides that hiking Lundy Canyon was awesome!