Well, That’s Just Mexico

     “How was Mexico?” My friends have been asking.
      It was like a video game.
      If you are not dodging stray dogs and people running stop signs than you are trying to decide if the speed limit is 40 k or 80 k or 60 k, in between trying to decide do I get ten points for not hitting a random dog, cyclist or pedestrian on the freeway.
        Plus the whole time you are panicking that you are speeding and a federale will catch you, but if you are not driving at least twenty miles over the speed limit you are holding up traffic.
       I don’t know how many times on this trip I saw things that were unbelievable or just crazy and every time we just blew it off and said
      “Well that’s Mexico”
      This vacation was beyond great and so different.
       Planning this trip we were kind of worried about going to a sketchy third world country and the crime but really we felt completely safe the entire time we were traveling in Baja.
      Okay, well not really on the back road mountain highways, but the rest of the time Mexico felt completely safe.
       We spent all day Saturday driving all over the back roads of Baja. The toll road was destroyed in an earth quake a while back. I had taken many road trips to Mexico when I was younger and always traveled down the toll road down south. Taking the back roads through the country side and over the mountains was a complete adventure, kind of scary at times as I seem to be the most safe driver in all of Mexico. ( I actually mean the only safe driver in Mexico)
      Seriously, if you are not tailgating in this country than there must be something wrong with you. 
      Another thing that is weird to get used to, in Baja you can pass any one, any where, and every one does. Especially when you are a white girl not tail gating the people in front of you. Than you get passed a lot.
      We took a side trip to Puerto Nuevo on the way to Ensenada because we needed to eat some Baja style lobsters ( and I needed a break from being tail gated) 
       We found delicious lobsters as well as the biggest oysters I had ever seen in my life. After enjoying our lunch outside on a veranda over looking the Pacific Ocean we did a little Christmas shopping and haggling along the dirt boulevards. I bought a giant coconut ( seriously, it was bigger than my head!) than made my boyfriend carry it all over the streets of Puerto Nuevo as we shopped.        (this made the street merchants believe we would buy absolutely anything, I mean we bought a damn coconut! So they tried to sell us things none stop) I purchased a gorgeous blanket for my living room and a painting for my mom for Christmas and off we went, back on the road for Ensenada again.