That One Time I Played with a Lion

       They are going to throw a lion at me.
      I’m going to take a few pictures and we are out of there!”
        I probably have that crazy chipmunk look in my eyes again as I shout these words toward my boyfriend, jumping out of the car and speed walking towards La Bufadora.
       Now where are those damn, cute lions?
       The drive to Ensenada took forever along the old highway one through the mountains of northern Baja.
       The twisting turning journey was made even slower by the constant line of slow vehicles in front of us.
       When we finally, finally made it to Ensenada two and a half hours later, the city traffic was so god awful and I was so sick and tired of driving.
      But I wanted to pet a lion.
      When else in my life would I be able to pet a lion?!
 When we finally, finally made it to La Bufadora ( the blowhole) the entire shopping area was kind of mesmerizing and I was a little bummed we didn’t have more time to walk around and check it all out.
But we had also done a little shopping on the way to La Bufadora and I was tired of haggling and we just wanted to pet some lions and head back to the hotel before it got to dark.
The original plan was to get back to the hotel in time to watch the sunset from our balcony over the ocean.
The drive to La Bufadora would have taken forty five minutes if the toll road had been open. Going the long way though the mountains took twice that time but it was a gorgeous drive where we learned a lot about driving in Mexico.
Like I am the only safe driver in Mexico.