I’ll Have the Nut Cream; Regional Cuisine of Baja

My home town is not well known for its regional cuisine. Spoiler alert; it’s not nut cream!

The running joke in my rural mountain home town is that the regional cuisine is squirrel.

We are mainly joking.

So instead I would like to share a blog about a “regional cuisine” from my favorite vacation town, a place that has life long memories for me and feels like home away from home.

Rosario Beach, 2015

 I should have known as soon as we walked into our suite.

     The first thing I noticed at the Rosario Beach Hotel, well besides the spacious floor plan and the ocean front view was the painting of the dude grabbing his nuts.

nut cream
    As soon as my boyfriend walked into the bedroom it was the first thing out of my mouth.
   “Is it just me or is that dude grabbing his balls?”
    I’d like to say that’s the last time we talked about balls on this Mexican vacation but than we went downstairs to the Thanksgiving dinner included in our stay and I was introduced to nut cream.
    Our waiter asked us if for our first course we wanted salad or the nuts?
    What kind of nuts, we asked?
    “Nuts!” Was his response. Okay apparently nuts was the first course and they were very serious about their nuts here in Baja, kind of weird but when in Mexico….
     So my boyfriend and our new friends ordered the nuts. (Yes we had made friends an hour earlier at the bar. I almost named this post, don’t make friends with people you meet at a bar in Mexico..)
    No joke, the first course was nut cream.
    I saw the sign for nut cream in the elevator on the way to dinner earlier in the evening actually and had actually pondered
    “Babe, what exactly is a nut cream?”
     I thought I was a foodie and I really had no clue!
     Well, let me tell you, it’s a soup, kind of like a cream of wheat but it’s more like cream of nut.
     The best thing to be said about the nut cream was it inspired many jokes throughout the evening.


  1. Anne

    I have never heard of nut cream before and I wonder if I will actually come across it ever! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Farrah

    I’ve never heard of nut cream either, but ohhh, the endless possibilities of jokes about it would be awesome. :O

  3. Katie

    Nut Cream!! Ah I don’t think I’d be able to stop laughing about that the whole trip. It actually sounds pretty good though. Did you ever try to make it?

    1. Adrian Holloway

      It was actually terrible! My boyfriend had to order it and it tasted like cream of wheat but really bad!

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