Donkeys, Beaches and Getting Lost in Mexico for a Day

I’m sitting by a pool over looking the ocean in Baja California on Thanksgiving weekend. The pool is deserted as is this entire massive, expansive resort similar to one of these mexico villa rentals.
It just blows me away that I feel like my boyfriend and I are the only guests in this whole place.
Everyone has been warning us to expect a four hour wait to cross the border going back to California on Sunday afternoon even though our resort gave us a fast track for the border crossing, but its so dead here, I can’t imagine it could possibly take that long!
My boyfriend was playing golf for the day at Bajamar golf resort so my plan was to go to the spa, get a sports massage and relax by the pool.
After my massage and some sauna time I was ready to just relax and read a book and enjoy the beautiful sunny afternoon. Yes it’s the day after Thanksgiving, almost December, and here in Baja it was eighty degrees, pool weather!
The road to arriving at Bajamar was a pain in the ass. A earthquake destroyed part of the toll road that Bajamar sits on so we had to take a detour down the old highway. This was a detour that took us forty five miles out of the way and we ended up going the wrong way anyways and having to double back.
Once we reached this golf resort we were absolutely stunned by how beautiful it was, sitting right on the ocean.
Getting lost on vacation is never fun but on this little detour we got to discover the mountain roads of Mexico (and the realization that their curvy mountain roads have no guard rails!) and I saw a donkey wandering on a beach.
I mean, come on! Where else on earth would you see a donkey just chilling by himself on the beach!
Only in Mexico