Toxic Friendships

      One of the hardest things in life is letting go of a friendship.

      It consumes your thoughts.
     You think of the good times, the hikes through mountain forests and to shear granite peaks and you remember the inside jokes and how you hated him as he pushed you that extra two miles to the summit of the tallest peak in Southern California.
      It brings a sad smile to your face when you think that no one will get your fart jokes any more.

      But your tired of the lies.
      Your the last friend to hold on to a dying friendship.
       Your the last friend who didn’t believe the rumors.
      You are the last friend.
      And one day you just have enough and no trail hikes and mountain top adventures and jokes about poo can erase the doubt in your mind that this is not a good person.
      Some friendships are just toxic.


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