A Camping Cook Out Challenge

     You know you are an inventive cook when you can make a gourmet meal out of nothing.
     The boys I’m hiking Mt Whitney with are hours behind me ( I hope!) on the trail still.
     I got back something like three hours before them and that is with taking long and frequent stops ( and taking a nap by Lone Pine Lake for an hour)
     Now I’m back at camp, some what almost clean ( yeah for sponge bathes while camping!) and I’m trying to get dinner and a fire started. 
     Mainly I’m trying to improve the dinner they had planned, which was plain steak, corn and plain baked potatoes.
     Let’s start with the potatoes.
     Boys do not realize that you can’t just throw a raw potato wrapped in foil on a camp stove and call it done ten minutes later!
     Microwaving a potato takes at least six minutes! And that includes the extra cancer you get from the microwave!
     So I threw the foil wrapped potatoes in the coals of the fire and hopefully I do not burn the shit out of them.
     Than I took a left over onion the boys had, sliced it up and put it in foil with my extra garlic butter. ( instant grilled onions!) On the fireplace grate it went.
     There is a little garlic butter left that I am going to put over the potatoes as well as the cheap    
     Velveeta cheese slices the boys brought for burgers.
     Doesn’t this sound better than a plain steak and a plain baked potato?
     The sad thing is, when the boys returned from their ascent of Mt Whitney ( 17 hours of hiking later!) they were super in impressed by the changes I made to the menu.
     I was kind of annoyed as I watched them enjoying their plain steaks ( seriously, no BBQ sauce, not even salt or pepper!) until I remembered, oh yeah, their family is British.
    If there is one thing the Brits love it is plain, plain food.


  1. opinion8dhermit

    So my dads a brit by birth. My mom made his favorite meal, “pot roast”. Put one pinch garlic salt over a chuck roast and brown in a pan. Put in a large soup pot and cover in water. Add about 5-8red potatoes, halved. Add one sliced onion. Pinch of pepper. Again, a pinch no more. A bay leaf and on sliced carrot if you’re feeling really wild. Boil all day. Serve, in liquid, like prison food…only…blander. shudder. That dish alone made me hate beef my entire childhood.

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