That Time I almost Killed the UPS Guy

So funny story, I’ve almost killed the UPS guy a few times now.

Although he only would have actually died if he happened to be allergic to happy dog slober. (Which I don’t think a ton of people are, although it is beyond disgusting.)

Our neighbor across the street here in Big Bear Lake is a good friend and I was expecting him to walk over the other afternoon.

I was in the kitchen, probably cooking something with goat cheese, when I heard the doorbell ring.

I just assumed it was Paul.

That’s why when opening the front door, I yelled at both dogs,

“Get him!”

Nope, it was the UPS guy (Apparently he needed a signature and could not just leave the package)

I felt terrible. Although our dumb mutes would not have actually attacked or anything. The worst UPS guy would have had to endure would have been a thorough licking.

Surprisingly this has happened more than once.