El Nido; A Culinary adventure in Baja

     You wouldn’t expect to go to the best steakhouse of your life and a fantastic culinary good time while traveling in Baja California. I would expect fantastic margaritas, lobster and delicious fish tacos but rabbit, quail and the most amazing venison I’ve ever had came as a surprise. Yes, here in Baja California you can have a fantastic culinary delight.


      The incredibly nice photographer who worked for the restaurant, even offered to go to his house and bring us back some El Diable chilies from his garden for us to snuggle back to the U.S.
       We had to explain that we live in a mountain town at over six thousand feet and the chili plants would not survive the winter. ( although after we returned home Mary informed me we could have grown the illegal plants at her house… And she would supply them to us for a cut of course) Of course we also decide not to smuggle illegal plants back because we don’t want to be strip searched at the border.
       So no illegally delicious chilies for us, on this trip anyways.