That One Time I Got Typhoid

“Babe, I think I have typhoid” I’m laying on the couch in pain for the third day straight.

“How can you possibly have Typhoid? You just got vaccinated for it and we are still safely in California!”

My boyfriend is staring at me from the couch, the image of Donald Trump’s ginormous face reflected behind him from our smart TV.

Yes, obviously we have not traveled to India yet and I couldn’t possibly have been infected with Typhoid but both my arms are killing me and he’s been calling me John McCain for three days as I can barely lift my arms at all. It cannot be stated how important a typhoid injection is before departing for a country like India.

I’m lying on the couch for the third day in a row now making sad faces because I really would rather be riding my mountain bike on single track trails past golden and orange oak trees. Fall is fleeting here in southern California and I hate to miss a day of it but being athletic injuries tend to happen

And being a world traveler vaccines need to happen. I’m just so happy that I had the vaccines done on Monday, four days before I would return from my work hiatus teaching people how to make a few bucks betting on the ponies.

As I lie on the couch just wishing I was out their on the dusty dirt trails both of my arms have been killing me like I had been in a terrible fight, plus I had just spent the last three days starring at Donald Trump’s ugly face. I was definitely feeling not well.

Being prone on the couch though inspired me to get all crazy on Pinterest and inspired me to start juicing again.

As soon as I can lift a ten pound bag of carrots!



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  1. Angela

    Oh my, this is funny! Typhoid shots hurt like hell!! Ugh, I know how you feel about staring at that face…:-(

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