Walking Around in a Winter Wonderland; Chihuahuas in Sweaters Edition 

When I find myself constantly weaving my way around a chihuahua in a sweater leashed to a cart in Stater Brothers and keep getting glared at by the tiny purse dogs owner every time her dog tries to dart in front of my shopping cart that’s when I know grocery shopping the morning before thanksgiving was a fantastically horrible idea.

It’s only nine a.m. and this store is over run with chihuahuas in sweaters not to mention frantic shoppers who get very upset when you glare at their dog because let’s face it; dogs do not belong in grocery stores unless they are service dogs!

Dogs belong on trails.

Like this little doggy.

Instead of wandering around a crowded Big Bear grocery store showing off the latest in doggy fashion this little doggy belongs on the trails of Big Bear Lake.

Yesterday we hiked almost fourteen miles and did  three thousand of altitude gain on Momyer Trail up San Gorgonio way. Momyer is just about the hardest and longest route to get to the summit and we did not get any where near submitting but it was still a very impressive day on the trail (Like almost eight hours of hiking through fields of snow beneath scrub oaks)

I had not hiked on Momyer Trail in about two years and was hoping to hike 18 miles yesterday. I wanted to make it as far as Saxton Camp at 8,400 feet before we had to turn around. Momyer is the most steep ascent to summit San Gorgonio as well as the longest. I thought I was in really great shape for this hike until about mile five when my knees began to ache and my bad hip started hurting. I still powered through though, even as the snow got deeper and my toes became wetter and my wet doggy became stinkier.

So will we be doing a pre Thanksgiving turkey trot tomorrow?

Um no. I burned close to 4,000 calories yesterday, the little pup at my side as we hiked through a snowy forest.

That was my turkey trot.