My very cold Monday

     When I wake up at five a.m. for work and its still dark and its thirteen degrees and my heater still does not work it makes me want to cry. This was after getting off work last night at ten, driving home to no heat and trying to sleep in a freezing house.
     Than when I plug in my space heater and the lights start to flicker after ten minutes and I run as fast as I can through a herd of cats to unplug it before the power goes out I want to scream.
    Than when I have to walk outside in the foot of snow in my bath rob to flip the breaker, yup I’m back to wanting to cry again.
   And I still love the mountains, through all of this.
   Believe it or not, this is my Tuesday, not even my Monday.
   And what a Monday it was, yesterday the heater broke, than as soon as I walked into work, a co worker threw a snow ball into my eye ball.
   My eye hurts.
   And I’m wearing two pairs of pants; that’s how cold I am.
   How was your Monday?


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Reminds me randomly of Christmas circa 1989 give or take a year. Power was out and the pipes were frozen so you juzt let the toilet collect nearly frozen pee, and we had canned soup-in the can to minimize dirty dishes, for Christmas dinner. The heater’s pilot went out and there was snow covering the opening under the house to light it. We had just a fireplace so we all slept in sleeping bags and beanies next to the smouldering fire. It sucked. Yay mountains!

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