My Sunset Run

   There is a place I love to run at sunset.

   It sits at about seven thousand feet and you have glorious views of the valley below this forest as the sun crashes into the clouds and the ocean many miles in the distance.
   There is a tiny alpine lake and when I run here at dusk the fish are always jumping.
   Bats begin to flit about as the sun sets lower into the horizon and the mountains become darker.
   I run with my headlamp on my sweaty face and turn it on just as the sun disappears into the clouds in the distance below my mountain home.
   This is the best time of the evening to run.
    The mountains are silent except for the bats, an owl or two and the wind in the pine needles that surround me.
   If I run this loop long enough a million stars will start to shine above me.
   As I begin to count the stars, I always feel so blessed to call this mountain my home.


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