Mcleod Lake Trash Report; I mean Trail Report

A month of shenanigans in the eastern Sierras should have me emersed in zen-like alpine trails and frolicking with marmots or at least the elusive Golden-Mantle grey squirrel. Not muttering under my breathe every time I almost step in dog feces or pick up other day hikers disregarded cigarette butts and empty Monster energy cans. Welcome to hiking in the year 2021. Any dumb-dumb with a smartphone can hike even the most secluded mountain trails and then get lost, with no food and no water on an eighty-five-degree summer day and need search and rescue to come to save their dumb All-Trail-Hiker’s asses.

Donna chasing me to the summit of Mammoth Mountain

So today on my adventure I met some villagers who have not taught their children a damn thing about how to respect the great outdoors. Nothing pisses me off more than grown City-its (City-it; An Idiot who lives in the city) raising little idiots. Seriously who teaches their children that you should go on a hike and the first thing you should do is pee in a lake when you get to the scenic lake. These villagers must be from Orange County to let their spawn get away with such nonsense. Shopping at REI, not wearing masks during a pandemic and heavens, why teach your children to Leave No Trace, specifically not urinate in the scenic alpine lake I just pumped water out of. These morons obviously have no idea that when in the great outdoors always urinate 200 feet from a water source.

I did this trek past Mecleod Lake as a 15-mile loop up the Dragon’s Back top of Mammoth Mountain and back down Mammoth Pass and ending up at Orange County Piss Lake ( I mean McLeod Lake)which was full of yuppies day-tripping up with kayaks, aggressive unneutered dogs off-leash and tons of people from the O.C. who don’t know how to respect the planet. All I’m saying is my dog pees in lakes all the time. But then again my dog has a brain the size of a walnut.

After a fifteen-mile sclup to the top of a 13,000-foot mountain perhaps I was a bit tired and over being around dumb-dumbs

When adventuring in the great outdoors one should always take care to piss two hundred feet away from a water source. Are parents too busy playing Mind Shaft and other video games with their children than to teach these simple nature facts? It’s just shitty (Literally) for all of us who just hiked more than a quarter-mile to this scenic alpine lake and were looking forward to pumping water to get them through the last few miles of hiking on this hot summer’s day.

Relaxing with the pup at an alpine lake.

We are not animals ( although some of us act like we are) It’s so great to see do many families out enjoying the great outdoors but I just wish the uncaring ones would stay the hell away from me.


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