Living in the Land of Milk and Honey

   Last week all over the Facebook I saw the same thing; friends of mine complaining that they hadn’t won the lottery.
    Now this is a free country and every one has the right to throw their money away on lottery tickets if they feel like it but what I was thinking amid all these complaints was,
    You own a 200,000 house and you are complaining that you didn’t win the lottery?
   You drive a new Audi sedan and you are talking about how great it would be to win power ball?
   In Tijuana Mexico or in Ethiopia or hell for the poor people living below the poverty line in Michigan you might be living their dream life!
   I feel a lot of Americans some times do not realize how good we have it here.
   I have a new favorite song this week and I think this completely sums up how I feel

   I love the lines
We complain about how much it’s gonna cost us
To feel our 20 something thousand dollars cars
And living in the land of milk and honey
It’s so easy to forget how lucky we are
We can work hard and buy a patch of dirt
And on Sunday morning we can go to church
And pray for those who don’t have it as good as you

    Some times I don’t get people who bash country music. Yes some country music these days is more like pop and all about rednecks and Carrie Underwood hitting pick up trucks with a baseball bat but I love songs like this where the singers harmonize. I love that this song summarizes away of life in America in 2012.
    I think, here in California we are so obsessed with True Religion jeans, having a nicer car, boat or RV than our neighbors.
   I think a lot of people just don’t see how good we really have it.
   Every one has the right to want to win the lottery and make more money, be successful in life, it just blows me away how the life that some people live, could be some one elses dream life. Some people do not realize how good they may have it.


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