Salmon Dill Dough

    I was doing some research on all things Alaska and came across this little snippet on BlogHer. It’s interesting number one,as it took place at Mountain High Pizza Pie, which is the best pizza place in the entire world.
   It’s interesting number two, as Talkeetna, Alaska is my favorite place in the entire world. I would love to go there in the winter to witness the northern lights.
  This was from a blog explaining the shenanigans at the annual bachelor auction in Alaska each year.

We laughed some more when we read Saturday’s special at Mountain High Pizza Pie in downtown Talkeetna. Made with dill-flavored crust and topped with salmon, it had a most unfortunate name: Salmon Dill Dough.

(If you’re not laughing, or blushing, read it out loud. Then read it faster.)

The waitress swears that no one noticed this until it was too late. Frankly, we didn’t believe her.

But the combo was pretty tasty even though I’ve never been much for fish on pizza. And no, I couldn’t resist asking whether Salmon Dill Dough had a stuffed crust. You would have done the same.

Stuffed ourselves, we wandered the balmy streets of beautiful downtown Talkeetna, which is about three blocks long. The temperature had shot up to 25 degrees by midday. Even so, the bachelors had set up a tall burn barrel and kept it ablaze.

    I guess my mind is not as dirty as I originally thought, because I actually had to read that three times before I got it.
    I miss Alaska. I’m seriously thinking a Alaska road trip this summer might just have to happen. The way I imagine it happening in my head though, this means I will have to take three weeks off work late May to June.
   This is what I’m thinking itinerary wise;
Day one, drive to Logan, Utah, and camp
Day two, drive to Yellowstone National Park, spend one day there.
Day four- six drive through Canada camping along the way
One week in Alaska
Day 11 drive back through Canada
Day 13-ish Vancouver Beer Fest
Day 15-ish Seattle
And than two days to drive home

   This sounds like such a great idea but just for shits and giggles I checked plane fares and it’s actually surprisingly cheap to fly to Alaska right now. I could fly one way to Anchorage for $175 than rent a car and drive back down Canada way and through Seattle, still hitting the beer festival. That is, if I can find a rental car company that would let me drive through Canada, eh.
   This trip (Let’s call it Alaska, Eh) is my new project.


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Lol it took me three times to get it too. Guess we are perverted and slow, us both. Which reminds me…we were at TJs today and decided not to get some latkes after running them through. Mike said ehh we will keep then let’s not me trouble or you will send us to the TJs dungeon. Is te dungeon a small back room staffed by you after goat cheese and beans? Tee her.

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