How to make your own Turmeric Capsules, or that one time I had Orange Cats

I just spent five minutes chasing my cats around the house with a jar of coconut oil. If I was putting coconut oil in my hair than we were all getting a little coconut oil on us today. I figure if I massage a little into their fur it will be good for them, right?

They have had about enough of this healthy eating. I have started saving the kale and spinach pulp from my juicing to put in their home-made cat food. You know what pisses felines off? Green food. I can almost read their thoughts in their golden-colored eyes “What the hell is this? St Patrick’s Day”

If there is a theme in my life this month, besides ow, pain in my ass ( thanks sciatica) than it is turmeric. I have been getting crazy for turmeric. That means a lot of orange stains in weird places.

A few days ago a friend of mine let me borrow her capsule maker so I could make my own turmeric pills. I’m barely working right now, my back pain is so intense most days so saving money is a big yea.

 I could buy a bottle of turmeric for $1.19 at Trader Joe’s and make about 100 hundred capsules rather than spending fourteen dollars on Amazon. I’m crafty; I can make capsules I thought.

To make the capsules you put the little plastic machine together, put the gelatin capsule halves in each end and fill with turmeric or whatever other healthy herbs you wish to use. You than use a spoon to push the dry filing into the capsule holes. Use the tapper piece to tap it, pat it down twice and put the tops on the capsules. It’s really easy to do. It’s just time-consuming and I am very impatient.

You know what didn’t help my aching back, butt and leg? Leaning over the counter for an hour and a half to make one hundred turmeric pills. It took forever and I just don’t have the patience for it. My good friend does this every week and maybe if I wasn’t taking nine turmeric pills a day it wouldn’t be such a big deal but in eleven days I will either have to make another big orange mess or order more from Amazon. I’m choosing Amazon this time.

Still it was a creative experience to make my own capsules. If 100 pills would last longer I think it would be worth it to make my own turmeric or other kinds of home-made meds.

 Before I return this machine to my friend I might actually try making some other home-made capsules with maca powder, and try making egg-shell calcium. ( Great for inflammation too!)


  1. me

    I love coconut oil and put it in my hair and skin, too. Does turmeric work? I know it tastes good and leaves me with yellow fingers for days after cooking with it lol.

  2. Lesandre

    I use a tray and do it on the couch in front of the boob tube. I use jars or bowls to hold the empty capsules and full capsules. Try that.

  3. Randi

    I love turmeric! I agree with the above commenter- try sitting on the couch. I’m sure after a few tries you will get faster at it too. I’d love to try this (but will be using vegetarian capsules). Thanks for sharing on my Bohemian Blog Hop:)

  4. Kyra

    I actually bought a capsule maker this week! I’m going to have a go at making some different herb capsules for my husband, but I can just imagine how fiddly and time consuming it will be…
    And that is hilarious about your cats, haha, “What the hell is this, St Patricks Day?” hahaha that cracked me up. I can just imagine my cats reactions if I tried to feed them green stuff!

    1. Post
  5. Mindie

    Haa haa your poor cats! Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop. I can’t wait to see what you share this week!

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  7. Marla

    Turmeric is truly one of the most useful spices that Nature has provided us. Every day I hear more health benefits from this miraculous spice. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful information and how you make your own capsules. Shared! Visiting from Health Happy Green & Natural blog hop!

    1. Post
      Amber Woodyard

      I am the biggest fan of turmeric these days. Thanks for the lovely comment! Can’t wait to link up again next week!

  8. Katy SkipTheBag

    How large is the capsule maker? How many pills does it make at once? It is a cumbersome process, but making 50 at a time would be easier than just 10 or 25. My cat is so picky she only eats dry cat food, no wet food or treats. Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop!

    1. Post
      Amber Woodyard

      The capsule maker is really small. It made about 5 capsules at a time. It was interesting to make my own but when you are consuming that many capsules a day it just is to time consuming!

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