How to Deodorize Naturally

I just climbed to the top of a 12,000 mountain and it’s a very good thing I am the only human being on this deserted Sierra Nevada peak because I’m a natural deodorant fanatic and right now I smell like a natural deodorant fanatic.

I like to climb mountains. Sometimes I ride my Cannondale mountain bike, sometimes I hike up to the top of local California peaks, spending ten hours on a day trail ride, just me and my little dog alone with nature. I’m usually alone in the forest so there is no one to impress if my natural deodorant is not performing on that specific day but when I do these hikes with my boyfriend it would be nice if I did not smell like a homeless person ten minutes into the hike.

Why Natural Deodorant?

Why do I choose to deodorize naturally and without all those icky chemicals and also aluminum that goes into regular deodorant brands like

Simply put I try to live my life as organically as possible, free of pesticides and chemicals that are not natural or helpful at all to keeping my body healthy. Also, I would just love to shy away from any chemicals that most people apply to their bodies that may lead to breast cancer or Alzheimer’s.

What brand of natural deodorant is best for me?

Stores like Whole Foods, Sephora, Amazon, or Arluka ( might be the best places to purchase natural deodorant in my opinion because let’s face it, our bodies are all different and some deodorants work differently for different people. I like purchasing products at Whole Foods because if the natural deodorant you buy makes you smell like a homeless hippie you can bring it back!

PiperWai - Natural Deodorant - 2 oz.

I bought this Piper Wai natural deodorant off Amazon for just under $11. The way these natural deodorant works is you break off a slight pea-size piece and rub it under and into each armpit. As I gave myself an armpit massage with peppermint-smelling natural deodorant I pondered how well this new natural deodorant would work on my morning mountain bike ride.

Ten miles of single track later these are many thoughts after constantly sticking my nose in my pits every few miles (My friend I was riding with found me quite odd but I swore it was all for the good of blogging)

This natural deodorant works fantastic! Even though I rode ten miles total with lots of uphill on a nearly seventy degree day I was not smelly! This is my new favorite!


This is the best smelling natural deodorant on the market in my opinion. I love the lavender vanilla fragrance as well because hell, I love any lavender fragrance. This natural deodorant was what I have been buying for the past two years and in my experience it works just as good as any other natural deodorant I have found.

That being said some days I feel like all I did was rub some lavender on my pits and than spent the entire day sweating but you have to keep in mind; Number one I do climb mountains and hike twenty miles sometimes in a day and when I go to work I work in 110 degree heat sometimes. I don’t need natural deodorant; I need super deodorant!

I used this vanilla grapefruit deoderdant a few days ago and than I mountain biked twenty miles. I started my ride at ten a.m. and it was a nice cool day and the lovely smell of grapefruit and yes also vanilla was wafting up from my pits. Than mid afternoon happened and fifteen miles in it was a hell of a lot warmer, I was very tired, extremly sweaty and I no longer smelled like a field of grapefruits. I smelled bad, real bad. I felt like I had used natural deoderant. But it was okay because I was miles into a deep pine forest, just me and my pup and she didnt care what I smelled like.

Deodorant Stick

I applied this lavender sage natural deodorant over the weekend than I went to work, wearing a black dress and working in the hot sun on a 94 degree day. Plus it was humid. This deodorant worked quite well on a hot and humid day. The sage smell would not be the smell I would recommend but besides that it held up to the challenges my body and the humidity threw at it.

How Can I make my own natural Deodorant?

In my quest to find a natural deodorant that works for me, sometimes when applying a brand of natural deodorant I feel like I’m simply wiping some fresh lavender on my pits and going for a walk in the forest after and five minutes later I smell like every terrible thing that I ate in the last twenty four hours is seeping out of my pores.

Did I eat cheese last night?

This is the easiest natural deodorant recipe ever and you can add so many different oils (Instead of the lavender to make the smell unique to your tastes (Or nose? Please don’t eat this…)



How To Make Natural Deodorant [infographic]:

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