Bacon it’s so Delicious it’s Worth Ending friendships

Is there anything better than crispy, crispy bacon goodness? Unless you’re a vegetarian and then your life is just incomplete. In the last month and a half I’ve tried to mainly eat a vegan diet so the times I’ve been eating any meat at all let alone bacon are few and far between. Also my boyfriend has told me he will take the kitchen away forever if I don’t stop setting off the smoke alarm.

Here is a little bit of great advice on traveling.

Don’t ever attempt to make bacon in a hotel room.
Once upon a time in a hotel room in Vegas I woke up exceptionally hung over. Waking up hung over may happen to a lot of people in Vegas but it doesn’t normally happen to me. Luckily I was traveling with a group of like-minded foodies and we stopped at Whole Foods on our way into Vegas which happens to be so close, on the Las Vegas Strip. I thank God we stocked up on blueberry chicken sausage and oaky smoked bacon. Two essentials when waking up hung over in the Las Vegas.

What is the most cruel thing you could possibly do to a hungover friend? Set off the smoke alarm while they’re laying in the room next-door of your suite trying not to puke at 10 AM. Obviously we know how to party it up in Vegas and obviously no one should ever let me cook bacon when also hung over ever again.

The problem wasn’t so much the smoke alarm going off. The problem was that when you set off the smoke alarm in a hotel in Las Vegas they have to send out the head of security to turn the smoke alarm off. It doesn’t matter how many doors you open or how many fans you turn on, or how ever many girly perfumes  you spray all over the suite. They absolutely cannot turn off the alarm until the head of security make sure you have not caught the Cosmopolitan Hotel on fire.

This literally meant 20 minutes of the smoke alarm going off while my friend I’m sure wanted to murder me from the next room and also tried not to throw up.

I’m sure she really did not appreciate me yelling the bacon is done at the top of my lungs over the screeching of the smoke alarm either.

Just being a good friend dude

When security walked into our hotel room I’m sure they were not expecting a bunch of hung over girls cooking Whole Foods bacon in their kitchen. I’m sure they really thought that we were smoking some kind of crazy drugs and doing all kinds of illegal things and honestly if you ever set off the smoke alarm at a Las Vegas hotel like we did, be prepared for hotel management to not see the humor in the situation at all.

I seriously wanted to say to the head of security

“Aren’t you glad we are not smoking crack?”

I am not at all joking when I say that my hung over friend has not spoken to me since this trip.

Bacon, it’s so delicious it’s worth ending friendships.

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