Don’t go to Mexico!

MexicoEveryone warned us “Don’t go to Mexico!” Friends and family could barely contain their hysteria.

“The gangs! The drugs!” They screamed, clutching their chests in paranoia!

“The beaches! The margaritas!” I answered them as I packed my bags.

It had been seven years since I had crossed the border at San Ysidro. The running joke, after what happened south of the border in 2006 was that I was not allowed back in Mexico. (And that will hopefully be the last time the federalles pull me over while I’m sick with the stomach flu)

We joked, in our circle of friends,  about travels to Mexico and how they have a poster of me at the border check points but anyways the truth of the matter is Americans are scared of Mexico.

Which is just so sad when there is a world of adventure to have in Baja and it’s just a short car drive from Southern California!

From the San Diego border crossing it’s less then an hour to lovely Rosarita Beach where the margaritas are plentiful and the Mexican food is spicy and authentic.

They even have donkeys wandering the beaches! No I did not have one to many glorious spicy jalapeño margaritas at the gorgeous Rosarita Beach Hotel! As you explore Highway 1 south of the border on the seaside drive from Rosarita to Ensensada you may actually see some burros!

But don’t get to distracted by the wild ass to stop in Puerto Nuevo

And try Mexican style lobster at a table overlooking the ocean at a steal of a price. The fresh caught that morning oysters are worth every briny bite also.


Can you tell I have missed Mexico?