Don’t be Afraid to Get Lost in Mexico

    Let me tell you a thing about California and Mexico. 
    There are two types of Californians; The type who go out of their way to absolutely not buy Mexican produce; they would not buy a cucumber gown in Mexico if it was the last Persian cuc on earth! Than there are the travelers, the road warriors and the adventurers.
    We live to eat street food and yes that means little taco stands on the streets of Rosarito and Ensenada. I’ve been eating street food in Mexico since I was eighteen and ( well, until today!) I’ve only been sick once in all at that time!
    When I told my friends I was journeying to Mexico I heard the panic in their voices;
    “Don’t drink the water!” Shouted with hysteria barely concealed.
    ” Rent a car! Thieves will steal your Subaru the moment you turn your back!” They shout. These are the same people who have never even driven the toll road that hugs the Pacific Ocean along Mexico’s shore line.
     I try not to roll my eyes to much. We are journeying to Rosarito Beach, fifteen miles from the border. If I stood on a tall mountain top I could probably still see San Diego to the North.
     So yes, we will journey south of the border andMexico spend a few days getting lost in Baja California, but it’s when you get lost in Baja that you find the best surprises ( like the most delicious venison I have ever had and phenomenal grilled lobster lunches)
I’m so blessed that we got to take this Baja vacation, and thanks to the toll road being closed we took the back roads and mountain highways on the way to Ensenada on Saturday. The drive took forever but it was awesome to explore a part of Baja most tourists never get to see.
Seriously, where else would you see a pickup truck piled high with papayas?