Lobster Fest 2014

     When trapped on a mountain on a warm Thanksgiving Eve what better way to waste a few hours than murder some lobsters?
      Yes, I’m the kind of person who has a few vodka tonics than sees what her kitten will do when face to face with a live Maine lobster. 
      Honestly the outcome was not to exciting.
      The lobsters were so fresh they really had no fish smell and yes, the cats were a bit more confused than normal. But I really did not want to get the lobsters dirty by putting them on the floor and letting them chase the cats around my cabin. ( I saw this on u Tube, I’m not the first cat lady to come up with this idea)
      So we chose to steam the lobsters instead of turning them into really expensive cat toys and they were delicious with drawn butter, chili powder and lemon, Baja style.
      We have declared this whole week is lobsters fest as we are in the middle of a Baja vacation and our goal is to eat as much fresh lobster as possible. The undisputed best part of the lobster is the Main lobster tail, it’s the part which is meat heavy and holds all of those flavours and a few extra if you add a bit of spice or sting.
     Life is good.