Traffic Circle Hell; Lost in Tijuana

     If you ask my dad about Mexico he will rant and rave about the traffic circles of Tijuana and you do not ever want to get caught in a traffic circle in Tijuana.

     Last week I learned why.
     For the second time in my life I got lost in Tijuana, Mexico.
     The weird thing is, Tijuana really wasn’t that bad! ( in the day time)
      I mean, yes, I feel like we were in the nice area of TJ when we got lost at ten A.M. On a Sunday morning, but this could have almost been a nice neighborhood in San Diego.
      I mean besides the traffic circles.
      They are just hellish. Dad is right.
      Especially when you are imagining all the nineties Chevy astro vans coming at you have no auto insurance.
       But we survived, and after a three hour wait at the international border we eventually made it back to San Diego.

       Adios amigos!!!