Wet german lush

The worst feeling in the world is when the tent starts to leak. You were laying there in your sleeping bag, you just want to relax and fall asleep in your nice cozy sleeping bag and on the side of the tent you can feel water seeping in. It might just be a little bit, it may just be a few drops but it’s here. It’s raining outside and your tent is leaking. You may be lucky it may just be a slight downpour and it may be over in a few minutes.

Lucky you.

Or you could be camping in the middle of a swamp in Germany and this could be a situation that you were dealing with (sleeping in) for a week. There will be many liters of German beer to drink to get over the fact that you are sleeping in a wet sleeping bag for five nights.

This may sound terrible, but also you are in Germany.

During Oktoberfest.

Did I mention the sausage?

Did I mention the beer?

Did I mention that fantastic German hospitality, the amazing German yogurt or that even more fantastic German milk chocolate? Yeah, that was Germany, I may have slept in a swap for four nights, and using the term sleep is a very loose way to put it. But I was also in Germany, at Oktoberfest with my best friend on the planet and it was beyond phenomenal.