Trailer Trash

     Due to some recent events in my life, I currently find myself living in my parents trailer. This? Is not a bad situation. I love camping! In fact I tried to convince my coworker’s to come up, BBQ, play Monopoly and help me wrangle my parents cats. If nothing else they could just play Scrabble with my Dad for a few hours. No dice, though. No one feels like driving ALL THE WAY to the mountains just to hang out in a trailer with me and a herd of cats, one of which is feral. The cat, not me. Just because I haven’t used a flush toilet in days does not mean I’m to the point of hissing and biting, unless I’m driving in the mountains, of course.

St Trinians before the Vanity Handicap

     Living in my parents driveway means I am just a few steps away from my parents all the time. Yea? It means my Dad and I can go on bike rides. It means my Dad checks the tire pressure on my bike tires, and fills them up when they are practicaly flat. That explains why my 10 minute bike ride yesterday morning was absolutely exhausting.

      It also means my Dad asks me about five times a day to play Scrabble, a game that doesn’t interest me at all. My Dad is out of work on disability (After a drunk driver hit his semi truck head on, breaking his back in the process) So he has lots of time to sit around and play board games. I, on the other hand would rather be out in the sunshine hiking or spending a day drinking Modela at Los Alamito’s with friends. And also eating three gigant’e Carne Asada Tacos. And part of Alicia’s dinner also. I really don’t know what got into me (Besides delicious Mexican Beer)

amazing dinner at the race track

     Lets just say Saturday night was an epic night of hitting every race track in the Southern California Ghetto. By this I mean, Hollywood Park in Inglewood and Los Alamito’s in Cypress. We also enjoyed sitting in Los Angeles traffic for many hours. I watched prostitutes walking faster then us, no really I did. I also peed in I’m pretty sure the worst area of Los Angeles, it might have been near Compton on the 105 at Long Beach Blvd. I did go in a bathroom if that’s what your wondering, but anything goes I think in that neighborhood. Honestly, I think Tijuana is cleaner and safer then where we stopped in ghetto L.A. Oh well, like I said, lots of beer, plus small bladder, equals,
     “Oh look! Is that a drive by!”

      Suffice to say after a evening of watching the gorgeous, muscular  quarter horses and the dainty spindly legged thoroughbreds we were more then ready to return to our slightly safer mountain home.
     I really can’t complain about the trailer. I have a queen size bed, my french press coffee maker, more cats then a girl could hope to have, and a fridge full of goat cheese. Life is good?

Quarter horses are so muscular and beautful

Sunset at Los Al


horses before the first race, Los Alamitos