Trail Prayers

“Please God don’t let me get frost bite. Also please let that not be a mountain lion on the ridge line stalking us. Amen”

Some prayers are short but sweet.

I find myself praying to the one above alot these days but well this was a new one. Some people pray when life gets tough. I find myself praying a thank you every day for all the blessings I have in my life these days. ( And I also pray for all the jockeys to have a safe ride each day)

And sometimes I pray to not get mauled by a cougar. 

I’m sitting writing this on a smooth stone of granite ten miles from the nearest paved road. 

  I’ve taken off my soaking wet running shoes and letting them dry a bit on the stone in the hot sun shining down on me.

I’m also surrounded by snow drifts some as high as my hips and my little doggy is having a grand time running through them. 

 I’m trying to defrost my toes just a bit on this short break before we turn around from Butler’s Peak and start the hike back.

I wasn’t expecting this much snow at the summit and looking back running shoes may have been a bad idea. 
  And that’s why I’m sitting here in my soaking wet soaks saying a little prayer. As this is being done, my little doggy is fixated on something in the horizon I can’t see and I’m praying it’s just more Bambi’s, and not a cougar.