Alone on a Mountain

It’s forty-five degrees and I wish I was wearing shorts right now. I’ve been slugging up this long snowy hill for what feels like miles.

It has actually been miles, four of them exactly since I left my car at the locked forestry gate shut down tight until the snow melts in the spring.

That’s how I find myself on a snowy mountain pass, almost alone but my mutt, so happy to be out gallivanting through a foot of snow and only the bucks and Bambi’s we have seen trail side, our only company on this sunny morning. ( well I have seen, Carly’s situation awareness not being great today.)

Sometimes I feel like I need a day just like this, miles from the nearest human being, just me and the pup and a snowy mountain trail and the sweat beading down my back.

I almost gave up at mile one today.

I almost turned around at mile two.

Than at mile three while my legs burned and my heart raced we came across this majestic view-point.

Butlers Peak, our goal for this morning in the distance and to the right sits Mt Baldy; we will conquer her another day.

This ten mile round trip may have been hard and my legs may burn for days after and my calves may feel like they will most certainly explode but it’s worth it to be out here enjoying the wilderness.