To be Young and Free and Female and Campimg…

There was a rustling outside my tent.

It was ungodly dark outside. If I was not completely blind without my bottlecap glasses then all I would be able to see would be stars in the black night sky outside of my tent. I heard a rustling in the underbrush and I did kind of wonder what could that be but honestly I was camping so many miles out in such a dense brush out in the middle of the crazy forest. I was fucking tired  and unless it was the most majestic bear ever that was totally going to inspire me to write the most amazing essay ever, who ever it was I didn’t fucking care.

I just wanted to go back to sleep.

And that’s the thing.

That is why so many women will not camp on their own. Because they are afraid of irrational fears that society and the Kardashian’s have laid upon them.

If you have a tazor and are not fucking scared and can actually defend yourself you are fine camping by yourself. Women are terrified to travel on their own. You would never find these kind of people driving alone or flying alone.

Some women just can’t be alone.

Luckily I am not one of them.

I clasped my tazor and went back top sleep on that dark night in the forest.