The Last Night of 2013

    I spent the last night of 2013 in a hospital ICU waiting area hugging good friends, shedding a few tears and saying a few prayers.
    Ninety percent of 2013 was absolutely amazing.
    I ran a half marathon, I caught a ton of trout, did a ton of camping trips with good friends and I summited both San Jacinto and Mt Whitney.
    The last few days have been hard, emotionally draining, but we have hope in our hearts for our good friend, severely injured in a cycling hit and run days ago.
    I worked most of New Years Eve day than drove the winding road through the canyons in the late evening with a good friend to visiting our friend Phil in the hospital.
    K had made fresh home made carrot, beet, celery juice for Phil’s wife our good friend Annette and we brought this elixir with us in sippy cups.
   We saw Annette standing in the cold parking lot with family and getting some much needed fresh air as we pulled in.
    She looked bad and explained that she had been at the hospital since 2 A.M.
    Phil had coded last night and the doctors spent fifteen minutes trying to revive him, succeeding at last, thank god.
    It had been a terrifying night once again but he was stable at that moment when we arrived. We had Annette drink the veggie juice and she actually looked a little refreshed after that.
    It’s amazing how real raw food can give you a little energy and be invigorating.
    We hung out in the ICU waiting room with some friends for a few hours talking about what was going on with the investigation, having some snacks and trying to be the strength that Annette needs.
     Hopefully on Friday a news crew from Channel Five will be coming out to do a story on Phil and we pray that getting word out about the old man in the green/ blue sedan will help find the person that did this to a great man, husband and athlete.
     A little before the new year we were allowed to go in and see Phil for just a bit and talk to him and say a few prayers with him. We stood over our friend as he was receiving dialysis and tried to find the right words to say and let the power of prayer take it from there.
    It was a rough way to end the year but we have so much hope in our hearts that if any one  can come back from this, it will be Phil.
   Like any year, 2013 had its ups and downs.
   The last few days have felt like a low point, but at the same time, it has been truly amazing and inspiring to watch our friends come together for the Richard’s family in this horrible time.
   I am so blessed that we have each other and that we can be here at Annette’s side to do what we can.

   The high point of 2013, literally, for me, was this
   This was the best day of 2013 for me.
   The day I hiked to the top of Mt Whitney.
   This was one of the hardest things I have ever done and on this day, I knew that I could accomplish anything if you just have hope.
    In this moment, this was the most beautiful view I have ever seen, from just a few miles below the summit, I could see Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon in the distance.
    I can not wait for 2014, and hopefully do this amazing hike again  with good friends.
    I can not wait for all the things that 2014 has to hold and a lot of that is healing for Philip.
    Life might be a struggle right now but this is one of those moments that will be overcome.
    I know 2014 is going to be great.