Do not use duct tape! And a recipe for Maple Apple Trail Mix

     I have horrible blisters on both my feet.

     I’ve had them since September and they are just getting worse.
     Yesterday I ran thirteen miles trying in desperation to once again find the Keller’s Cliffs and I found no cliffs but I did find myself with all new foot pain on both feet.
     It was a truly gorgeous winters day to run amid the foothills through a canyon surrounded on all sides by mountains, well besides the fact that those damn cliffs eluded me once again.
     This morning I tried to Google blister treatment and I got a great laugh on this advice
     Do not use duct tape!
     I live in the mountains and I know duct take is good for all kinds of things, from holding car parts in place to annoying pesky cats, but why would you put duct tape on a blister?
     I consider myself pretty damn redneck and come on, I think that is just ridicules.
    My feet hurt so bad with the blisters and all about seven miles into this thirteen mile run.
    The only thing that got me through the last two miles of this run was shoveling handfuls of this trail mix into my mouth!
This is such amazing trail mix!

Maple Apple Trail Mix
1 bag Sahale Snacks Maple trail mix
1 bag dried Apple rings
Mix together and put in plastic bags for hiking trips.