Stupid Beautiful Cold

It was seriously stupid cold this morning. Twenty five degrees with a wind chill that gave me an instant headache as we explored the shores of Big Bear Lake.

My little puppy dog kicked up the snow happily and raced back and forth along the snowy shores of Big Bear Lake. (Obviously one of was not cold at all!)image

It’s all her fault it snowed last night and I am for one, am loving this late March snow! Shaving your stinky, furry dog is apparently the dog equivalent of washing your car to get it to rain! The snow gods most have seen this snow dance as we woke up this morning to a gorgeous sunrise among the pines and juniper trees and at least an inch of snow! In this pathetic El Nino year I will take an inch of snow as April is fast approaching.

Carly and I spent the morning freezing our buns off lakeside. I was tempted to drive into town and grab a cappuccino for our stroll along the lake but decided to wait until we got home and have some Echinacea tea instead. My workout schedule has been crap the last few days as my back is killing me with the barometric pressure dropping and my nostrils think its’ spring, I think. Or maybe I’m getting a spring cold; not sure yet. All I know is that I’m sneezing nonstop and my nose itches on the inside and its extremely frustrating. How do you scratch the inside of your nose? You just don’t. You deal with it and take the pup for a walk to get your mind off nostril itch.image

This will more than likely be the “last” day of winter for this year; the last snow storm we will have before next November and fall rolls in and I am dying for summer time days on the lake, thunderstorms and sipping cocktails in the back yard by the fire pit at night but I always have a hard time saying goodbye to winter and snow and boots and fleece leggings and nights by the fireplace.