Plum Pollen Potential Paranoia

This would be the most fantastic rainy day ever if I wasn’t sneezing my ass off.

This is technically my second spring time full time in Big Bear, which is only thirty minutes up the road from the pine forest where I grew up and lived for thirty years. So how is it that you drive thirty minutes farther into the forest and April has me sneezing so violently I’m practically peeing myself or sloshing coffee out of my mug onto the counter, or definitely terrifying all the critters that reside in our house with my constant, none stop angry sneezing?

I think it’s the plum pollen.

Every where you look in Big Bear Lake you see gorgeous purple budded plum trees in the first week in April. These cold hardy trees can take any late freezes we may get in April and May. They are gorgeous colorful trees, especially against the steel grey sky we have today as the rain pitter patters down.

I walked out onto the front porch this morning and inhaled the rain and juniper trees and all the glory of spring time.

And than I sneezed about fifteen times, grasping my back with both hands, which already hurts with the barometric pressure changes. Believe me, sneezing close to a hundred times a day does not help things.

But our front yard sure smelled heavenly before I started sneezing again none stop.

Days like this call for handicapping on the front porch, wrapped in sweaters and sipping a steaming latte.

And I’m on my way to their right now. The only thing that could stop me is if we run out of tissues.