Snake Situation Awareness

Our first night in the eastern sierras I’m proud to say I did not shit myself. I know, I know, not simple life goals that most people take for granite but I hate snakes and as soon as I approached the campsite creek the first creature I saw was a snake.

Luckily it was a Gardner snake and it seems like these eastern sierras mountains are just crawling (literally) with them. Or slithering I guess I should say.

Carly and I (No Carly is not my life partner, as some people think, she is a little doggy who does not enjoy swimming and sometimes acts like a kitty cat) had taken a detour from our first camp ground of the trip at Big Pine Creek Camp Ground and wandered creek side.

After we checked into camp at four p.m. It was hot still and I was dying to jump in the creek that ran just parallel to our campsite.
I was already thrilled that I had kept my little doggy on a leash as just being in camp for ten minutes we had already seen two deer! ( Nearing the end of this trip I would realize I really needed to talk to people other than my dog as my conversations with her about the Bambi’s was getting very intense)
So yeah, I screamed like a little girl when I saw the little snake creek side!
I am so happy to say that on this trip the only snakes we saw were these Gardner snakes though! No rattlers to be found!
Which is excellent as three days later Carly would literally step in a gardener snake on our hike up to Lake Ediza and not even notice!
Carly really needs to work on her snake situation awareness!