Small Town Friendships

     The last few years have really changed my life and my life style as a person. When I think of some of the terrible people who have infested my life in the last two years I think to myself why did I put up with these retched individuals in my life? Life is to short to have shitty friends.

     I feel like I’ve lost some of myself being around people who are not wholesome family types in any shape or form. 
     But last week was different and it really woke me up to what’s missing in my life these days.
     This past weekend we came together to remember a wonderful caring woman, friend, wife and mother in our lives.
     And I spent time with my friends, my real friends for the first solid amount of time in four years. It was simply amazing. I did a lot of laughing and crying in the last two days and I realized I need to get back to being myself.
      When I look at my friends kids playing together for the first time in years, when Zoey, the red haired pixie of a child, starts rattling off in Spanish like Ricky Ricardo and no one has any idea what she’s saying or Jonas at five years old starts explaining GMOs to his parents I feel so much love and happiness and pride in the kind of awesome children my friends are raising.
     And I think why can’t the rest of the world be like our friends.
     Maybe it’s because these mountains didn’t raise them.
     We are special and different in that wholesome small town way the rest of the world just doesn’t get.