Oh Shit


View from the top of Keller’s

       Today’s rant is brought to you by the letter D, as in Dog Shit. As in people in our local mountains tend to kind of be ass holes, as I discovered on this mornings at Kellers Peak.
     A gorgeous crisp morning for an easy two mile hike up exploration trail, well that’s what it should have been. I woke up, threw on my hiking boots and was ready to hit the trail. I had no idea it would be a trail lined with feces.
    I drove the quarter mile to the Keller’s Peak trail head. Okay I actually could have taken an extra half an hour, saved a little fuel and walked it, but whatever. I parked at the little parking lot at the bottom of Exploration Trail and started along the pine lined path next to a little seasonal stream. That’s when I saw the first blue bag.
      Someone had been nice enough to pick up their dog poopies put it in a bright blue bag and drop it at the side of the path. Okay whatever, that could have been an accident. I misplace my bright blue bag of dog shit quote often, don’t you?
     As the trail climbed higher and the pines thinned out a bit, making this fall day a little warmer I saw more and more blue bags on the side of the road
     So let me get this straight,  who ever is responsible for the stinky blue bags, took the time to pick up the poop, bag it, then leave it for the forest rangers to puck up? I’m assuming? Is that part of our local rangers job description? Not only do they have to pick up the trash people leave behind, and put out the smoldering camp fires that some people leave to spread to our dense forest, but now they are on poop patrol also?
     Irresponsible pet owners just blow me away sometimes. Besides the fact, its obviously littering, who ever did this is out here hiking with their dog right? They must enjoy the forest just as much as I do? Yet they can’t clean up after their pets? Do these people let their kids shit on the carpet at home?

All I’m saying is some people need to take some responsibility for their pets and stop leaving their shit in my forest!


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