A word about Sweaty Horses

     I’m siting in my gamblers paradise (Aptly named by a friend of mine) this morning, watching TVG (Horse racing T.V. Supreme) and the big news story this morning is trying to get all the United States race tracks to start recording their coverage in high definition. According to TVG there are about thirty sports channels available in Southern California, and TVG is the only one not in HD. HD is nice; I get it. My parents have a huge HD T.V. and the screen resolution is amazing compared to mine. (Hopefully being replaced by a larger T.V. before next months Breeders Cup Shindig.)

    This is a real quote this morning on my favorite T.V. show, The Morning Line
    “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the sweat on a horses neck?”
    Where do I start? How ’bout

Sierra is desperate to change the channel

     I love watching sweaty horses up close and personal! Its just like being at the track! I can almost smell the horse manure! HD coverage would be great, but I’m not looking to admire sweating horses and or jockeys.
    A word on my gambler’s paradise; it includes a very man friendly looking leather arm chair, racing forms scattered around with unreadable notes scrawled in all the margins. Pens and high lighters and piles of paper sit on my side table. My new dumb bells (Heavier, much better) sit on the floor next to my tension bands, and of course I have my heating pad draped over the back of the chair. It looks like a 60 year old professional gambler lives here. Okay, maybe if you replaced the work out equipment with beer cans. There are also a lot of cats, did I mention the cats?