Lake Sa-Brine-a

     I don’t know why I do such horrible things to my body.
This morning my body consumed

      *1 coffee with cream
      *1 banana almond milk almond butter smoothie
      *1/2 a five hour energy
      *One bran muffin
      *One donuts
      So I pretty much had a big bowl of sugar and caffeine with bran sprinkled on top.
      Than I drove my car for six hours to the eastern Sierras.
      I left my mountain town Sierra bound at just after three a.m.
      The goal was to make it to the Sierras still in the morning hours giving me plenty of time to run some Sierra trails.
      It was a glorious high desert sunrise as my brand new tires ( A completely last minute birthday present to myself the night before)  flew over the high dessert concrete near Adalanto California, a town where every one looks inbred or on meth.
      Adalanto is not a happy place.
      Especially after what I did in the shell station bathroom.
      My second stop of the morning was some two hours and two hundred miles north of there in Bishop California home of Mule Days and Schat’s famous Dutch deli and bakery.
      If you go to the high Sierras it is mandatory that you make at least one stop at Schat’s.
     Does the bran muffin cancel out the donut?

     Once I filled up on carbs, carbs and caffeine ( and also stocked up on fresh sourdough bread, almond canolis, dried pairs and muesli) I was refreshed and ready to continue my road trip.
     Next stop Lake Sabrina.
     Lake Sabrina was located just sixteen or so miles out of Bishop up a super steep road.          

     The drive up through the tiny hamlet of Aspenville was so gorgeous!
I want to live in this town! It was that pretty!

I can only imagine how pretty it is under snow and they must get a lot at this altitude. This road must be a pain in the ass to commute in the winter time.
      I was stopped at a Cal trans traffic break near the top of the steep road and was talking to the Cal Trans worker about how pretty the area was and he corrected me; it’s actually Lake Sa-brine- a; yes it rhymes with a certain part of the female body.
     After learning how to correctly pronounce the lakes name I parked on the side of the little country road and checked out the stream, that came down from the lake.

     There were fish every where and the trout were such good size! I was dying to get my fishing pole out and do some fishing but I wanted to be in Silver Lake by one and I was on a tight schedule.
     I put on my running shoes, after taking a few quick pictures of the trail and started up the Lake Sabrina Trail to Blue Lake.
    At the beginning of my run the parking lot was over 8,500 feet.
    As my feet carried me away from the stream and amid so many Aspen Groves the trail just kept going up and up. It was so absolutely beautiful here! I was so happy I had chosen this trail, rather than do a more touristy hike through Mammoth’s Rainbow Fall’s.
    As I ran up and up the trail I had moments when I was so enjoying myself and moments when I felt like I would puke.
    Why did I eat so much sugar and caffeine for breakfast?!
    Every time I felt the pukes coming on, I just powered through; You did this to yourself, I said. You didn’t need the donut! I thought to myself as my legs carried me up yet another hill and through another mountain stream crossing.
    I only ran into a few other people as I continued up the trail enjoying the view of Bishop far in the distance and the azure blue waters of Lake Sabrina down below me.
    I ran out of time and did not make it to Blue Lake but I did gain almost a thousand feet in altitude on my exploration run; pretty good for a four and a half mile run this a.m.
    On to Silver Lake!
    Let the vacation begin!  


  1. opinion8dhermit

    I loooove Aspendell. I remember as a kid I wanted to live there, it was my dream place because of the beauty and the elevation, beauty, and clean air felt so cleansing.

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