Butulism and Repressed Childhood Memories

   Sometime I think I repress some memories of my childhood.
   The thought of slimy lettuce brought me back to 1989 and the summer of the Whopper. I was just thinking  about the summer of ’89 the other day and eating frozen yet defrosted Whooper hamburgers st aright from the microwave for a whole summer. (My Dad’s idea of taking care of the kids while my Mom worked)
     I wrote this blog about it. ( If you want to hear the whole story)
   Yesterday a coworker was talking about how expensive the food is at Disneyland and  suddenly memories flooded back of eating slightly warm, mushy Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, the meat only slightly congealed as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse wandered by. I was brought back to 1987 a year of Reading Rainbow and She Ra and our families annual trip to Disneyland.
    The smell of slightly aged roast beef takes me back to picnic lunches at Disneyland in the eighties.
   My family was middle class and once a year our big expenditure was a family trip to Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland. I don’t know how my parents managed on their salaries to even afford to take my two brothers and I to Disneyland once a year, but they made it work.
   Once we went to Disneyland there were no expensive trinkets and Mickey hats bought or even candy or home made waffle cones at the Disney Bakery.
   My Dad, I have mentioned before is a little tight with the money. I think he still wears the same striped t-shirt he used to wear in 1987 when he took us on these Disneyland trips. If he doesn’t wear it still, I know it’s in the attic.
  To save a few bucks my Dad would stop at Arby’s on the way to Disneyland and buy a big bag of  roast beef sandwiches. He would than put them in one of the Disneyland lockers and that was our lunch five hours into our day at Disneyland. I guess Botulism and Salmonella were not as popular in the eighties. (I’ll admit it, I still eat raw cookie dough all the time!)
  I actually remember those sandwiches being delicious.  ( I might have been high off of aged roast beef!)
  Our family never, ever ate fast food when I was a kid and going to Arby’s for a dollar roast beef sandwich was a real treat. Looking back now though, all I can think is, ew, how gross.