K is for.. Umm.. Krap?

I was basking in the after glow and excitement of seeing this on my six mile run this morning when something horrible happened.
As a runner I have never swallowed a bug, but today I had the next closest thing happen.
I had taken off my sunglasses just briefly a few miles back.
It was an overcast morning and I felt like I really didn’t need them.
I was so excited to have seen this tiger out in the middle of the forest and yes also that it was  locked up and did not eat me, when I lost all my happy feelings in one instant as a insect flew right into my contact lense.
I panicked.
I started touching my eye, trying to get the creature out of my eye as I felt it panicking in my eye ball.
I smushed it at some point than tried to rinse the bug parts out of my eye with the eye drops I had in my pack.
The problem was I could not see how much if any of the bug was left in my eye and my eye was really starting to hurt at this point.
Also, I was three miles from the car.
I can not stress how much this sucked.
My eye hurt so bad and I was trying to save my contact lense, which was brand new this morning of course.
Once I washed out my eye as best as I could with the eye drops I ran back past the tigers back to my car where luckily I just happened to have my glasses. I hate to drive with my glasses rather than contacts but I was freaking out thinking the insect in my eye was going to give me an infection.
Oh and yes when I got back to my car and looked in my mirror there were still all sorts of smashed insect bits in my eye which I had to dig out.
It hurt, a lot.
That was my Monday.
I learned my lesson; always wear sunglasses while running.


  1. in the coop

    I don’t know which is worse, in the eye or down the throat. I’ve had both happen, and neither are fun.
    I’m going to guess, though, with contacts, in the eye has to be worse.

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