L is for… Lions and Tigers and Bears

   You know that feeling when you have nothing to blog about except the next six mile run and all the rocks and trees and squirrels you see everyday?
   Than you run around a corner and see a tiger!!!!

True Story.
This really happened to me today.
Not only a tiger, but yes that is a big ass bear.
My ex boyfriend had told me some story over a few beers last year about how he had been mountain biking in Big Bear and heard a bear roaring and how a friend had told him that some guy had a private menagerie of predators some where near Onxy Summit. I really don’t recall the whole story.
Once again, beer was involved.
He did tell me as soon as he heard the roar of the bear echo through the canyon he was out of there fast, not sticking around to take a picture or two, as I obviously did.

    I was out on the Pacific Crest Trail running early this morning, at seven A.M.
   I had decided to run a patch of the PCT I had never been on before. This would be the section between Onyx Summit and Angelus Oaks.
   It was early morning and overcast as I started out on my run. There was a couple parking near me as I began running up the trail. I said good morning to them than hit the trail, my legs pounding up the first little dirt road that connects to the PCT.
   I had gone about two miles up the PCT, the view looking down at dried up salty Baldwin Lake in the distance and a random ranch to the west, when I saw some kind of encampment up on my left hand side.
   I was tempted to go around it. I didn’t feel like running through some ones property all the way out here in the middle of no where… I’m sure these home steaders had dogs and guns!

    And Lions?
    Is that a fucking lion?
    Excuse the profanity, but if you came face to face with Lions and Tigers at eight A.M. you would be a little shocked too.
    I stood ten feet from the fence and just stared at the first animal I saw, a huge orange and black tiger who was now slowly creeping along the fence towards me.
   Quickly before a land owner came out to yell at me, I whipped out my camera and took a bunch of pictures.
   It’s so interesting, I have read so many books of people who have hiked the PCT from Mexico, where it begins, to Canada, and never in any of those books does any one mention tigers and big ass predatory cats!
   After snapping a grip of pictures, I continued back down the PCT a bit. I wanted to get out of there fast, thinking this was to good to be true. Some one is going to yell at me for looking at his tigers at any moment.
    Just down the road, I spotted this sign.

Apparently Randy Miller uses all these animals for movies and Hollywood stunts.
I googled his place when I got back to my car.
The news I found was not good.
I kind of remember hearing this news story a few years ago.
What I read online was that a few years back they were shooting a commercial with a bear on their property and the bear attacked Randy Miller’s cousin who was working with the bear, killing the cousin.
Wow, so very sad.
Glad I stayed ten feet away from the cages, even though, yes, these animals are caged. I still felt pretty wary of them.
What an awesome find out here in the middle of the forest; I can’t wait to take a few friends here to check out the tigers!


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