I Don’t Need the Noodle Any More!

Today I put on some goggles, swallowed some pool water, kicked off and learned how to swim.
Hi. I’m Amber.
I’m 34 years old and yes, today I swam for the first time.
It could be considered pathetic to some people maybe that I’m a thirty four year old none swimmer and I drag inner tubes and blow up whales with me to every beach, pool and creek I can find, but I was never taught to swim when I was a kid. If only I got to enjoy Learning to swim in Brampton or somewhere similar. It probably would have been easy to learn to swim when I was five and I have tried on so many occasions to learn, I just couldn’t do it.
Today I learned that the trick is I just hate getting water in my eye balls ( contact lenses, yea)and once I had goggles on, surprisingly, I was just fine!
My boyfriend encouraged me to practice with the water noodle until I really felt comfortable to do it on my own and I shrugged it aside.
” I’ll be fine” I told him as I did the most pathetic doggie paddle ever across the pool.
Than I did about thirty “laps” over the course of an hour across the easy seven foot section of pool!
Of all the awesome memories made in Australia; tropical snorkeling at Fitzroy Island, throwing up on a boat above the Great Barrier Reef, and exploring Bondi Beach and Nudey Beach I will always, always remember learning to swim in a pool in Sydney.


  1. gretchen

    I remember you not swimmimg many years ago 🙂 i still get confused with breathe air not water, and cant get water in my eyes/contacts or ears. Since I am so discombobulated in water, I just doggy paddle. No shame in my game….some people look at me like why is that grown lady doggy paddling? But it means no water in my lungs, ears, eyes! But everyone is surprised I didnt learn to swim (doggy paddle) or ride a bike until I was 12. As you know, its not like we had places to swim as kids unless a cold muddy lake counts.

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