Easy Monsoon Living

    Monsoon weather means living in a rain poncho on our tropical vacation. It also means all of our belongings smell like mold. As truly awesome, beautiful and amazing as this tropical island is I am tired of humidity and sand. It has been ninety degrees most days with near ninety percent humidity. Even swimming in the ocean is so warm I feel like we are swimming in a bathtub (a giant bath tub full of the most beautiful fish and blue green water I have ever seen.)

     We are hoping to have time to do laundry tonight after our sea voyage to the Outer Reef. If not we are going to be thimageose really smelly people on the plane ride tomorrow; Cairns back to Sydney.
This isn’t the first the I’ve been on a vacation smelling like stinky mold. During my Oktoberfest vacation in Munich a few years ago I spent a week living in a puddle inside a smelly moldy tent. I had to drink a lot of German bier to get over the smell! This is the first time in my life I have ever been any where with humidity like this. I don’t know how people live in humidity year round. Yes, there are the most amazing sunsets here and the water temperate is fantastic but I just feel damp twenty four seven.