Amber and the Case of the Giant Wombat Balls

This morning I awoke to a kitten purring and licking my face.
Outside my windows I could hear the wind blowing and the snow hitting the window panes.
Now this is how you should wake up on a snow day. That’s right, I’m making today a snow day.
I’m not going to work. I may not even leave my house today. I’m going to light a fire, put some soup on the stove, read a book in my yoga pants and drink hot tea all day.
This is how winter’s days were meant to be spent, in a cozy warm cabin in the mountains with a snow storm brewing outside.

My biggest problem in life this morning is what to do about the giant wombat balls. Luckily combatting this problem will not require me to leave my cozy cabin. I just need to fire up my recently resurrected laptop and type away.

I’ve spent this snowy morning editing a little bit on my blog. (That is how I discovered the issue with the wombat balls.) I just moved my old blog to the Word Press platform a month ago and I’m still working out how to use Word Press and some of its kinks. I don’t love Word Press so far but I do see some of its advantages.

This morning while reading through some of my old posts from Australia a month ago (so crazy to think that just forty five days ago I was sitting on a hot humid beach half a world away! My life has gone through some crazy changes in the last year and month especially! I feel more and more blessed with this life I live every day!) I came across a blog I wrote entitled I Wasn’t Expecting Quite so Many Wombat Balls.

This morning I discovered when blogging about wombat balls on the internet and posting pictures of giant wombat balls on the internet one must make sure the pictures are properly sized or face the fact that there might be GIANT PICTURES OF WOMBAT BALLS on ones blog for all the world to see.

Since I am like I said, new to the formatting of Word Press, it took me about fifteen minutes to figure out how to get the picture of wombat balls to a more less disturbing size. (To be quite clear, there is nothing pretty about wombat balls, but they are not quite so scary when they are not SCREAMING at you from the entire screen of your laptop at seven a.m.)

So yeah, that small fire was put out. I solved the case of the giant wombat balls and now I’ve got nothing to do with my day but decide if I want to go for a run in the new snow or just be lazy with my house cats all day.