I Don’t Dog

I’ve always told people I’m a cat person. I’m very vocal about the fact that I’m a cat person in fact.

Cats can’t help it.

They are just better than dogs. And they know it. That’s what makes them cats. A cat will sleep on your face all night every night and not understand at all why you hate this…

Because I’m a cat and I do what I want!!!

Dogs are nice because you can take them hiking and mountain biking and camping.

But dogs are also jerks who will jump on the picnic table when you are camping and help themselves to your dinner.

Dogs are also ding dongs who will chase the deer just as you are trying to get the perfect shot (with camera of course) of deer in meadow.

Thanks dog. Sometimes I feel like I can’t take you anywhere. It’s no wonder I use PugetPets to take for the weekly walks when I need to catch up on work.100_1034

Our dogs are not in any way as affectionate as our cats and that’s an issue. I love my little girl cat because she follows me around all day long like I am the most important thing in her life. When I leave for a few days she is obsessed with me when I get back and mopes around while I am gone.

The dogs don’t care. When we come back from vacation, they are the same gas omitting burping bitches they always are.

The dog police came yesterday and I thought I knew what I was doing and was being helpful informing the nice dog police employee from the city that our dogs had both just had their shots and were up to date.

Than he asked me if their licenses were current.


Dogs need licenses? I honestly had no clue.

And one more reason cats win; You don’t need a license for a cat!


  1. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    Ha ha – I love this. I have just read another post linked up to this month’s #AnimalTales comparing cats to dogs in the UK (where incidentally no dog license is required any more) but I am no closer to being able to say if I love cats or dogs more … and with one of each in the same room as I type this I dare not decide. That said the cat would probably not care who I chose and the dog would forgive me if I chose the cat!!

    A lovely post to add to #AnimalTales, thank you and the September linky will be live in a couple of hours. Hope you can join in again.

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