What are you doing NYE

This New Year’s Eve I’m really glad I’m not sleeping in an airport. I’m a camper by nature and I have no problem sleeping absolutely anywhere, but trying to get comfortable on the hard and freezing cold floor of the Sydney, Australia airport last New Year’s Eve was not exactly a good time. What’s really incredible is I actually slept most of the night!

I was ready for a night of freezing temperatures after sleeping the night before in the Honolulu airport. You would think the Honolulu airport in humid Hawaii would’ve been a little bit warm but they had the air conditioning cranked up and I was freezing all night long. I finally decided about two in the morning to go outside and sleep on a bench and try to enjoy the humidity for a few hours before finally giving up once Starbucks opened at six and just drinking coffee instead. That was a great way to waste the hours away until it was time to board my flight to Oz. \

Before sleeping in an airport I recommend putting on layers of all of your clothing like a homeless person, you might laugh, but seriously it’s freezing cold sleeping at an airport, it doesn’t matter how many blankets you pilfer from previous flights that same day.

This New Year’s Eve, unfortunately we won’t be in Australia but we will be here at home celebrating with really great friends in our mountain town. We plan to celebrate by indulging in bacon wrapped dates and my absolutely amazing butternut squash and spinach lasagna.